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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i'm thinking just north of that you could have some hail and heavy rains on the west side of 40 and east side. one to the south around fredericksburg will move into the western suburbs here shortly and these are also going to produce at the very least heavy rains through fredericksburg and 17 and eventually up toward cromwell. most of the time the storms move this way. not this week. they are moving north- northwest. i will show you what's going on in terms of the warnings. i'll put on the flash flood warnings. most of the counties in the metro area are under either flood warning or flash flood warning. if you come across flooded streets or a flooded area do not cross it by car or by foot, please. okay, here is the deal. severe thunderstorm watch covers everybody now until 9 p.m. that includes southern maryland
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down to fredericksburg. into the mountains. a flood watch covering the entire metro area and the lighter shade of green that is the flood warnings that are occurring right now. all right. so for tonight, showers and thunderstorms. some could be heavy, some could be severe. lows 56 to 62 with light winds. we will keep you posted. all the warnings and watches will be at the bottom of the screen. if it gets crazy bad i will get back to you. >> we spend time trying to keep people save from the tornadoes. >> that's right. giving a heads up. but the tornado that hit last night just hit. >> reporter: a tornado that ripped this 60-feet evergreen out by the roots blowing through a whole neighborhood doing all kinds of damage but nobody is hurt. >> and a terrible noise. it was coming and exactly like
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between these two houses, it was going down completely and started spinning. >> reporter: he saw it coming right at his house. >> much louder than a train. >> reporter: his first concern, his daughter and grandson. >> we have to take the children to the basement. >> reporter: they all crowded into a panic room and when they came back. >> we just couldn't believe how large it really was. >> reporter: they recorded this incredible video of the tornado rolling away from the house and dissipating. >> we are cautious that nothing else was happening while we are staring at the thing. >> you could see it pulling the shingles and siding and tree branches and bushes up into it. >> reporter: four blocks over tim white was trying to get his family into the basement.
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>> we always play jokes on each other. so i screamed get into the basement now. >> reporter: now they just have to clean up the damage do their roof, their siding and their deck. >> i have never been that scared in my life. >> reporter: you can track the path of the storm just by looking at all the downed trees. what's amazing is it seems to have gone right through a lot of people's side yards and after all of the damage that folks have seen from tornadoes down south a lot of people here counting their blessings. in hagerstown, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> the whites say the tornado passed over their home. 5 to $6000 damage to their deck alone. we have got a link of the video at hagerstown was worried about tornadoes. people in alexandria kept a watchful eye on the potomac for any flooding. parts of old town were under rising water and some debris washed up.
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no businesses were affected. all the businesses at georgetown's washington harbor are dry tonight despite flooding concerns on the potomac. the management company mrp raised the flood walls this time on time. on the other side of those walls the water was already flashing onto the boardwalk during high tide. a pit bull attacked students on their way to school this morning. five kids were taken to the hospital with bite wounds. this happened just before 8:00 a.m. in clinton while the children were getting on their school bus. lindsey mastis joins us live from the scene with more. must have been terrifying for the kids. >> reporter: very. but the good news is the kids will be okay. but the dog was shot and killed. it all happened right down here at the bus stop. the kids told me that initially the dog came up and was friendly even licking them. but when the bus pulled up the dog got on and started to attack. >> dogs smell fear. i was scared. >> reporter: there is blood on
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the 11-year-old's arm. he says the dog also bit his leg. you can clearly see the dog's teeth marks around the 10-year- old girl's ankle. the bus was packed full of kids on their way to fort washington elementary when the doors opened and the dog got on. >> he was trying to bite everybody. kept running back and forth. then it was doing this and we tried to push it away. >> reporter: this neighbor heard the commotion from inside her brick home. when she ran out. >> it was just horrible. when the dog got back on the bus 6-year-old joshua says he had to defend himself. >> tried to kick him in the face. >> reporter: when he ran off the bus the dog followed him. >> i didn't know what to do. i was like running to the car so i could get in so i wouldn't get bit. but he bit me. >> reporter: soon police arrived. >> they were saying shoot him, shoot him. he had no chance but to bring that dog down. >> they shot him one time.
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he was still breathing so they shot him two times. he was breathing again so they shot him three times. he was finally dead. >> reporter: four kids were taken to the hospital by ambulance. this boy says he was driven to the emergency room. now police are trying to find the dog's owner. this is a picture of a similar lark dog. rodney taylor with prince george's county animal management says the dog is an all white, full grown american bull dog. and we are told that many of the kids saw the police shoot the dog so they had grief counselors on hand at the school. they also sent a note home to parents. we are told as for the dog they are testing it for rabieses and will have the results tomorrow. reporting live in clinton, i'm lindsey mastis. back to you. >> lindsey, hopefully they will get an all clear. thank you for that. a 13-month-old boy is in critical condition tonight after a t.v. tipped over and fell onto him. this happened just before 1 p.m. this afternoon at 4122 c
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chantilly. heartbreaking story. >> reporter: incredibly sad story to tell you about where a 13-month-old boy is now in critical condition after what appears to have been a terrible accident. according to fairfax county police, the boy's motherandd siblings were home at the time. an end table apparently fell on the 13-month-old. at this point they don't know what caused the t.v. to fall but they do know it caused some extremely serious injuries. >> when we got there both the police department and the rescue squad entered the house. found a 13-month-old male who suffered upper body trauma. a t.v. fell onto him. he was flown to a local hospital hospital. >> reporter: a t.v.
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fell on him. in critical condition now. we will pass any new information just as soon as it becomes available. >> thank you, matt. on average one child dies every two weeks due to some kind of tip over. injuries and deaths from furniture and t.v. tipovers are on the rise. the consumer product safety commission says you really have to make sure that these mainstays in your home are secure. so you want to anchor your furniture to the floor or to the wall. place your televisions on sturdy low rise bases. if that thing can turn it can tip over. move items that are near the t.v. so children won't want to climb up and then potentially hurt themselves. if you have a free range stove or an oven install tip brackets. charlie sheen apparently wasn't the only celebrity to receive a dc police escort. records obtained by the "associated press" find that bill gates, jay-z have those reports. the records indicate that the
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police were reimbursed. it first came under investigation last month after charlie sheen received a police escort to a performance at constitution hall. at the time the police chief said it was a violation of police protocol. a loudoun county sheriff's office has released this surveillance video in hopes of catching whoever robbed a woman and knocked her unconscious. this happened back on april 25th at the tri-state exxon on jefferson pike. in the video a 39-year-old woman from dc is seen walking in the parking lot when that car drives by. that's when the passenger in the car grabs her purse and that literally knocks her to the ground. the car involved is a two-door teal pontiac sun fire with plates from west virginia. air force 1 was forced to abort a landing attempt in conneticut. the plane was carrying the president to new london when fog prevented the pilot from touching down. it landed safely on the second attempt and president obama delivered the commencement address at the u.s. coastguard
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academy. the president traditionally speaks every year at a graduation ceremony for one of the military service academies. bad weather forced them all together inside. today friends and family says their final good-byes to hailee mcguire. a private funeral service was held this morning in derwood. she was killed in a deadly crash the crash. two others also died. now, the man police say was driving the car is out of jail at least for now. a judge reduced bond for 20- year-old kevin coffee from a half million to $50,000. police say coffee ran off after the car crash. he was tracked down about three hours later. so what is being done to keep our young people from drinking and driving. earlier today i talked to michael kelley, a first respondser. a leader in the fight against underaged drinking both
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advocates of montgomery county's every 15 minutes program. you may have seen evidence of it. usually a wrecked car at a school we demonstrates the deadly consequences of drinking and driving and ironically this very same program was conducted at the high school just days before this weekend's deadly accident. so i asked if educators somehow failed these children? >> i don't think we fail anybody unless we stop. this program, the every 15 minutes program, high school speakers, even this car on the lawn of the high school, but it really begins earlier than that. parents have to begin to talk to their kids as early as 10 and 11 because the average age of first consumption is about 13. >> you see all this kind of damage all the time as a first responder and you were there at this tragic accident that took these young people's lives. what were you thinking as you saw yet another tragedy unfold before your eyes? >> well, first of all, it does have a profound impact on all of us, all the first
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responders. and particularly this one when it involves young kids. we are thinking about what's going to happen to the families when they get the tragic news in a couple of hours after the police officers come to their house and how their world is going to come crashing down on them. but we see this way too often especially that one stretch of road that seems to have more than its share. >> so what should parents do if they encounter young people who are drinking because we can't pretend that teens don't drink. >> the most important thing, i think, is to intervene. at the end you can talk about whether it was the right decision or the wrong decision later but the last thing you want to do is let them leave, let them leave in an automobile, let them leave and be unattended. >> mike, you've talked to many, many kids through the years. what's it going to take to get through to them that this is real, that they could lose a life if they make a decision to drink and to drive? >> lesli, i think what we need to do is just keep what we have
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been doing. we visit the schools. we put on demonstrations with vehicles and firefighters that participate in the every 15 minutes program. as parents, educators, first responders, it is our responsibility just to keep trying to get the message out there and it is very difficult to measure the successes, but when it fails it really hits us like a ton of bricks. >> back in the fall of 2004 five teens were killed just in one weekend in montgomery county. the victims were between 16 and 19 years old. they all were in accidents that involved excessive speed and inexperienced drivers. one involved alcohol and each of those crashes occurred on a curve in the road. a total of 15 teens lost their lives in our area around that very same time. we are learning more about the woman arnold schwarzenegger fathered a child with 10 years ago. according to the celebrity website tmz she is mildred
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patty. she was a house keeper and family assistant for more than 20 years. she failed to name her ex- husband as the father of her child. arnold schwarzenegger had been supporting the woman and her son for years. jack johnson has pled guilty in the corruption probe against him but the question remains what happens to his wife? we will have the latest on the case against leslie johnson. a local county's anger over the dulles metrorail has leaders threatening to pull the plug. we will explain why. a catholic church tries to pinpoint what caused its sex abuse scandals. a new report that has left a lot of people angry. we will be right back.
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the u.s. conference of catholic bishops says the sex abuse scandal that rocked the roman catholic church blames it on american culture. derek mcginty has the report that has a lot of people upset. >> upset and scratching their heads, as a matter of fact, lesli, because the culture, they blame it on the 60s. it is what we call the section wall revolution. priests were not ready to
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handle the sexual changes of the woodstock era they say. but as you might imagine the report is getting a lot of criticism from support groups. they are pointing fingers at the members of the clergy that turned a blind eye to the conduct. >> they are minimizing my own abuse and minimizing by saying it was what was going on in the 60s and 70s. >> reporter: nearly 16,000 people have filed claims of abuse against the church since 1990 and though the church points out that the number of new abuse cases has dropped sharply in the 1990s. this scandal comes with a heavy price, lesli. because dioceses in this country have paid out close to $3 billion to deal with these ongoing claims and that's on everything from legal bills to child safety programs. lesli, back to you. >> that's just the ones they have dealt with until now. derek mcginty, thanks for that. cargo is moving very slowly again on the swollen
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mississippi river. barges moving at the slowest possible speeds and one by one to prevent wakes on the levees designed to hold back the water but it is too late for a lot of people living along the floodplain. homes are literally underwater. >> i hate to see my family or anybody go through this. this right here is our grandkid's playroom right here. >> it could crest tomorrow but it could be late june before the water even begins to recede there some areas. >> topper, you've got warnings to pass along. >> bottom of the screen now. charles county. king george. prince george. stafford county. let's start with live doppler. we talked about this all week. stoppers not moving north- northeast they are moving north- northwest so things are counter intuitive if you will. let me get our bearings here. one set of storms to the south.
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this one actually is peeling off to the northeast at least for the time being so it is on the east side of 95. it is headed toward la plata. white oak at 5:23 p.m. let's see. again, this is going to produce some hail. some very strong winds. and some heavy downpours. flash flooding is as much as a threat as anything with these storms in addition to the hail and the wind. so again, severe thunderstorm warning. this is going to cross the river here and go in from stafford county into charles county and that's until 6 p.m. and the storm itself is actually moving northeast. first storm we have seen moving northeast at about 17. now we are going to go up to the north up into hagerstown. a washing for franklin county just over the border, if you will. still has a little punch left in washington county. it is not out of maryland just
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yet but it is headed towards green castle. this will produce some very strong winds and some rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour and again some of the areas, potomac heights at 5:20. terrace hills at about 52:00 2 p.m. so if you recognize any of these. woodlands, hyde park. take cover. even with a severe thunderstorm be away from windows and off the telephone. just sort of keep that in mind. you folks up in green castle, you've got about 30 minutes or so before this storm heads up your way. and this storm is moving north- northwest at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. and we are looking at again heavy, heavy rains right along i-81. that is hail too. more than likely just on the east side of i-81. keep that in mind. here is the deal. everybody is under a severe thunderstorm watch. these are the warnings now highlighted in brighter yellow and also at the bottom of your screen. in addition to the severe thunderstorm watch we have got lots of other things going on too. we have got also a flash flood watch which covers the entire
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metro area. temperatures 71 arlington. 70 in bethesda. you have had a little bit of sun. might be in the low 70s. 70 up in beltsville. down to the south 71 in springfield. looking at 71 in great falls. 66 out toward leesburg. so watch for severe storms. severe thunderstorm watch until 9 p.m. heavy downpours are likely with these storms. isolated tornadoes are possible earlier this afternoon. we did have tornado warnings across the bay on the eastern shore. by 8:30 p.m. tonight, most of the showers should be just north of us. we get a little bit of a break after midnight. then we get a little bit of a break early on thursday but then showers reappear from the west. so we will have kind of a damp looks like commute on thursday morning. but then as these showers move across by 2 p.m. some showers. you need your umbrella again tomorrow unfortunately. we get into the evening hours still looking at the chance for some showers so probably a wet commute on the way home.
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won't see heavy downpours tomorrow with those storms i don't think but we will keep you posted. tonight, severe weather alert day. scattered thunderstorms. some heavy, some severe. low temperatures 56 to about 62. next seven days. thunderstorms are still possible friday but less so. 76. we still have a sprinkle in on saturday but the preakness looks pretty good. if you go up to baltimore to see the race put on the sun screen. it will be hot. mid-80s. maybe a thunderstorm on sunday sunday. this is taken from space. that tornado in alabama had a path of 216 miles. >> this is the view? >> that's the path from space. isn't that unbelievable. >> is the path? >> that diagonal line running from the left hand portion of your screen to the right. it is unbelievable. from i think alabama to just
5:23 pm
west of huntsville, alabama. >> sustained damage for so long. >> on the ground for 616 miles. sometimes an f5. sometimes down to an f3. but that's incredible. up next endeavour docks with the space station for the very last time. the latest on the shuttle's final flight when we come back. >> in a world where image is everything. when your's is tarnished where do you turn? >> they made it better. >> how you can reverse a bad rep. scrubbing your persona. tonight at 11 p.m. 9traffic now is brought to you by geico. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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shuttle endeavour now linked up to the international space station. endeavour is delivering a $2 billion physics experiment that will try to explain how the universe was created. this is the shuttle's final voyage. americans are as unhappy as they have ever been with capitol hill. according to a new u.s.a. today gallop poll. they think most congressional members should be replaced. 28% said members should be reelected. this matches an historic low matched last fall. coming up next. new at 5:30 p.m. >> i'm scott broom in upper marlboro. more fallout after the jack
5:27 pm
johnson plea. new documents revealing he was making promises that his wife would keep up the corruption racquet. 9news now is brought to you in part by your local toyota dealers. toyota, moving forward.
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we continue to keep our eye on the weather. prompting the 9news weather team to declare a severe weather today. >> severe thunderstorm watch until 9 p.m. warnings now. live doppler 9000 includes stafford county and also charles county as well as king george county and can't forget about franklin county in pennsylvania. i want to go back down to this one storm into the south and i'll tell you what, i know the arrows are indicating movement off to the east-northeast and it is not move that way. this storm is moving up pretty much to the north. if you know anybody coming down 95 south of woodbridge headed for stafford they will run into some very, very nasty weather in the next 30 minutes and i also guarantee this storm has some hail in it. because i think that prompted the severe thunderstorm warning in the first place much it is now to the east side of
5:31 pm
fredericksburg and it has some hail in it. no doubt about it. calvin road right there. guarantee you there is hail in that storm and thus that is the reason for the severe thunderstorm warning. that said though, again, i think you all should take more precautions to the north than in charles county. i'll zoom in just to the north of the storm. anybody going south on 95 it will be a problem south of woodbridge. it will head eventually up to quantico and garrisonville. this arrow seems to have a good beat on where it is going. ignore this arrow off to the east. that's not happening. it is going off to the north. parallelling the river and going on the east side of 95. all the warnings on the bottom of your screen. we will keep you posted. >> thank you, topper. former prince george's county jack johnson will be sentence for corruption charges that he pleaded guilty yesterday to. >> now the question is what about his wife leslie johnson.
5:32 pm
she is still a county council member. a lot was revealed by leslie in the flood of court documents released in the wake of her hissr husband's plea and tonight scott broom will walk us through it all. >> reporter: county council member leslie johnson pled not guilty so far but according to these documents that her husband, the former county executive jack johnson admitted were true at court jed. leslie johnson was to have continued to assisting in the pay to play corruption racquet her husband had created once she took office. a bitterly cold day in january and leslie johnson is sworn into office as a county council member despite obstruction of justice charges against her. >> i have been elected unanimously and that is it. >> reporter: documents unsealed by the courts yesterday show jack johnson and his co-hort of corrupt developers plan to rely on leslie to keep the racquet going. first and foremost by placing leslie as chairman of the
5:33 pm
zoning committee. caught on government wiretaps johnson tells a developer "what i'm trying to do is get lesliee over to zoning because zoning is huge and then what we are going to do is work together so you shouldn't have any problems." johnson promised with the group that leslie has it will slide right through. i will have lesliee for you. caught on tape handing jack johnson bundles of cash. leslie has become infamous for hiding money when agents raided the home by stuffing the cash in her bra and flushed an illegal payoff check to her husband down the toilet. she has pled not guilty to. meanwhile, there are some new mysteries that have been unveiled by all these court
5:34 pm
documents. for instance, who are the 10 politicians who received illegal campaign donations from a developer named patrick ricker. ricker pled guilty in this corruption scandal but the government documents do not reveal the names of the politicians who got the money. in upper marlboro scott broom, 9news now. >> talk about some bombshells. none of the office holders contacted by 9news now will openly call for leslie johnson to step down and johnson herself has refused to be interviewed. well, could the brakes be put on the silver line to dulles because it is too expensive? critics are saying that. loudoun county is thinking about pulling out all its funding. peggy fox joins us. it would be a bold move. >> reporter: it would. loudoun is angry with the airport authority which is building the silver line insisting on an underground rail station which is $300
5:35 pm
million more. it says the underground station would be better for passengers because it would keep them out of the elements. but local leaders say there is already an underground walkway from that daily garage which i found out today is a pretty short walk. here i am in the north parking garage. i just parked. and here walkway to terminal. right now it is 3:00 10 p.m. okay. and i'm going to start walking and see how long it takes me. wish i had tennis shoes on for this walk. >> terminal tells me exactly where to go. now come to the escalators for the terminal. so here i am at the terminal. looks like 3:17. but they think the walk is too long and won't budget from its
5:36 pm
decision to build an underground station with quicker access. the president charles snelling says the underground design is the preferred alignment. >> have you considered going back to the decision about underground, above ground station out there? >> we are working with our partners to find good solutions. >> if loudoun pulls out what does that mean to the project? >> i don't think it is going to happen. we are going to try to see if that does happen. >> what does it entail to do that? >> we will work with them. >> it has to be. >> loudoun chair says current costs would mean a leaseburg resident could wind up paying $500 a month in tolls. >> i don't understand why they don't understand that this project can't be done at all costs. and unfortunately we have a body who is not accountable who are spending other people's
5:37 pm
dollars. >> reporter: now, he says the board is not talking to or listening to its funding partners. it may be a little difficult to get ahold of charles snelling and meet with him in person, after all, he lives in pennsylvania. he is one of the presidential appointees on the board. lesli? >> $500 in tolls. that is pretty steep. >> reporter: a lot of money. evening rush hour. monika samtani has time saver traffic. >> it is the yellow light because we have a lot of slow traffic around town. we will start off with 270 on the northbound side where it is generally jammed as you can see heading northbound from father holy boulevard all the way up into clarksburg. beltway. it has been a tough one on the inner loop of the beltway basically leaving old georgetown road. kind of has a couple breaks here but is continuous to 95 and college park before the pace really improves. now we will take you over to your maps on the southbound side of i-95 topper has been saying within the next half hour severe storms heading south from woodbridge and you have already got the slow
5:38 pm
traffic there so be aware of that if that's where you are planning to head. and also on the trains. metro and vre are on at all but mark expect delays. a flash flood warning for this evening on all brunswick trains so they will be running slower than normal this evening. back to you. >> thank you. what sounds like a burglar turns out to be a gobbler. we will tell you how the turkey ended up in one family's basement. coming up new at 6 p.m. >> this is bruce johnson. not long ago u.s.a. today published a series of reports about alleged widespread cheating on scores. the state superintendent has included her investigation. the results coming up at 6 p.m. we are always on at stay with us. we will be right back.
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severe weather alert day continues. now new severe thunderstorm warnings. let's get right to live doppler. this includes now warren county and also culpeper and others. i tell you what the most troubling storm is actually in falkier county. hail just to the south of warrenton moving off to the north-northwest. tons of hail right around -- just passing through midlands just to the southwest.
5:42 pm
now we see some big time hail just to the north of jeffersonton up towards 688. again, these are severe thunderstorm warnings. will have hail, rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches and also the possibility of some very strong gusty winds. this storm is headed right for orleen as it moves off 688. all the warnings at the bottom of your screen. severe thunderstorm warnings continuing in the area. a wild turkey that crashed into a house in michigan caught on tape. >> she was browsing facebook when she heard a big crash then she found a mess with the gobbler in her basement. >> it blew glass into the front window probably about 12 or 13 feet into the room. so there are chards of glass everywhere. feathers. papers. it is a mess. >> darlene said she went back to facebook and posted 911, what do i do i have a turkey in
5:43 pm
my basement? her husband then came home from work and caught the bird and got it out of the house. >> at least he got out. that's a good thing. still to come on 9news now. 14 seasons, 12 different head coaches. can the mystics overcome yet another change at the top? i'm dave owens. i'll have that story. >> a horror story. in a world where image is everything. when your's is tarnished where do you turn? >> they made it better. >> matt will show you how you can reverse a bad rep. scrubbing your persona. tonight at 11 p.m. 9traffic now is brought to you by geico. >> the simple joy of knowing what they want. cw ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it
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it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. the legal problems continue for toyota. the car maker lost its battle to dismiss lawsuits but upset car owners. a federal judge in california ruled that owners can now sue toyota for the decreased value of their vehicles. partly because of the automaker's recall for that unexpected acceleration. the owners say toyota did not disclose or even repair the problem soon enough. in maryland. the prince george accounted school awarded $5500 from the washington, dc, chapter of the
5:47 pm
recording academy. blainesburg was named a grammy award winner for its commitment to music education. ♪[ music ] >> had a multitude of beautiful voices. the $5500 award is designed to improve blaineburg high school's entire music program. a long journey designed to keep kids in school was completed today. the driver of a porsche that set out from california two weeks ago reached the finish line in arlington. it was part of an event called "race to win," a campaign benefiting school dropout prevention much the cross- country event raised $100,000 along the way and all the money goes to communities and schools. it is an arlington based nonprofit focused on keeping kids notice classroom.
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as we have been talking about all afternoon it is a severe weather alert day. topper in the weather center right now. >> we will start with live doppler 9000 and actually spend some time on this. new warnings, all right. so that includes warren county and also falkier county and culpeper. i tell you what, the storms are moving off to the north and essentially to the north- northwest. pretty much what they have been doing. so these are the storms here that have prompted the warnings. this is the storm we talked about. i don't think it will ever get into charles county. monika was showing some cameras on the road. this will become a problem as it moves to the north and eventually crosses i-95 and not to be alarmist but there are more storms to the south just north of richmond and these will move north-northwest ward as well. the severe thunderstorm watch goes until 9 p.m. this is a stormy want to kind of detail a little bit. it is now in western falkier
5:49 pm
county. just went through orleen. hail in it. just on the west side of 688. moving off to the north and to the east. northwest rather at a prett decent clip at 24 miles an hour. some of the towns in its path orleen 5:5 3 p.m. keysville about 559. wakefield manor about 6:13:00 p.m. so please stay away from windows. this is still a severe thunderstorm and it will produce the potential anyway of strong winds. some small hail. and also some flash flooding. probably no doubt about that. these storms have had a history of flash flooding. i'm going to go in a little bit more detail and tell you where the hail is. again, the west side of 688. and we are pretty darn sure there is hail right in this area and just to the west of 688. if you folks are up in this neighborhood around hawthorne farm road the hail and storm is
5:50 pm
right there, boom. get away from windows and stay off the phone. that's probably the best advice we can give you right now. severe thunderstorm warning. we will show you something different now. highlighted in yellow. covering the entire area until 9 p.m. this is the next area of showers and thunderstorms that could roll in here about 7:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. will keep you posted. go right to the seven-day. here we go. thunderstorms are still possible tomorrow. 75. less numerous on friday. 76. weekend looks okay. maybe a shower for the preakness on saturday. a few storms on monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures in the low to mid- upper 80s by next wednesday. severe thunderstorm until 9 p.m. a flash flood watch until midnight. warnings at the bottom of your
5:51 pm
screen. back to you guys. >> thank you, topper. well, the mystics are getting back on the court again. >> the mystics have always been popular in this town. they have just rarely been -- what's the word i'm searching for here? good. they haven't been good. but they were good last year and we think they are going to be good again this year which is much more fun. when you have existed for 13 years and only finished over 500 three of those years expectations are pretty low and they were for the mystics last year which is why what at the did was so shocking. a 22-12 finish first place in the east and a trip to the playoffs. so why do they have a new coach this year. dave owens explains. >> reporter: trudy is smiling now. but now she knows there are a lot of long days ahead. >> we are not really listening to what people on the outside are saying. we know who we are. >> reporter: 12th head coach in the 14-year history of the franchise. let that sink in. >> i feel like a new coach like
5:52 pm
every other season. so that messes up your consistentsy a little bit. >> reporter: she will serve as g.m., a position formerly held by taylor. taylor was let go. so how will she find time to handle both. >> pray and meditate. really, try to balance everything. >> trudy has been our assistant for the past two years. we know her well. >> reporter: she inherits a playoff team that welcomes back a top player from ankle surgery. >> i can tell you the first day he was beyond nervous. just getting back out here with everyone. but i thought my teammates did an unbelievable job making me feel comfortable. >> reporter: and the maryland connection returns too. legitimate mvp candidate a season ago returning. they are not the only home growners. joined on the roster this year by jasmine thomas who attended oakton high school before heading onto duke. she said she became a fan of the mystics at age 13 and when the team traded for her to get here it was a dream come true.
5:53 pm
>> it is just fun to be back and just walking around and seeing everything. >> reporter: new season, new uniforms, high expectations. >> every single day we have improved. i think if we continue that process we will be in a championship game. >> reporter: dave owens, 9sports new. >> caps, wizards and mystics. are you okay with the new red uniforms? >> if it rubs off and keeps them going and gives them more momentum. we will take it. >> you know what the mystics' management likes the best about the new uniforms. they have got a sponsors name on the front which means they are making money. >> up next, changes to the labels of popular pain relievers that affect a lot of you parents. we will have the fda decision next in our healt alert. an emotional afternoon in a packed montgomery county courtroom as a convicted drunk driver learns his sentence. i'm andrea mccarren.
5:54 pm
coming up next. maria shriver's pain. >>
5:55 pm
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stocks rally today on wall street. dow closing at 12,560. nasdaq 31 points higher. s&p 500 closed up 11 points. new labels are coming to
5:57 pm
children's tylenol and similar products with acetaminaphin. these products never contain instructions for kids so young because they wanted to encourage parents to seek medical attention for sick infants. today the fda panel voted 21-0 in favor of adding information saying it will make the over the counter products safer and easier to use. this is being called the last major medical hurdle for gabrielle giffords' recovery. she is now in recovery from successful surgery to make her skull whole again. >> surgeons in houston planned to close up the hole in the congresswoman's skull where a piece was removed to allow the brain room to swell right after she was shot in the head four months ago. the surgical team is using a
5:58 pm
plastic implants. >> common operation neurosurgeons do to replace skull defects like that and i expect her to do very, very well from it. >> reporter: the original piece removed is often about the size of the palm of a person's hand. neurologist alexander drummic from here in dc told me today that has left gabrielle giffords' head vulnerable during the process. >> she literally has a hole. what's protecting it? >> not much. skin and membranes. and that's about it. and then she has almost certainly been wearing a helmet kind of like a bicycle helmet and then folks around her have been careful to minimize her risk of falling. >> reporter: making her skull whole and strong again is both a medical and psychological milestone. the implant goes under the scalp so hair can grow on top. and it frees her from the bulky helmet she has been using to protect her brain.
5:59 pm
>> she will be saying i really look normal. that is an important part of a patient's recovery and healing after the injury shoe sustained. >> reporter: gabrielle giffords' husband is still up in space. the flight director says kelly has performed unbelievablebly well in orbit since blasting off on the shuttle endeavour two days ago. >> if you didn't know that was going on you wouldn't have any idea that those kind of things are going on in his personal life. >> as far as his wife's return to a normal life doctors say the recovery from this procedure is usually just a day or two. mostly from the effects of the anesthesia. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5 p.m. 9news now at 6 p.m. starts right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." ominous clouds over dulles airport as many parts of our area are facing the threat of severe thunderstorms. and that's why topper declared a severe weather alert. top, fill i


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